Urine, yes urine

One of my current favourite photographers is Brigette Bloom, she hails from my homeland of America, and I just love love love what she does with film. So much in fact that I decided to test out one of her film soup recipes that she shared on Facebook; even though I must admit I was a first a bit like.. sayyyyy whhhaaaaat.

Brigette soaks her film in pee, that's right her own pee. Not only does effect on the film look amazing, but it can change based on diet, drinking, etc. Once I got over the fact that I would have to have a cup of my own urine sitting in my room for several hours (only now am I realising I probably could have left it outside) I decided to give it a try. Below are some of the pictures I took with that roll.. 200 Agfa Vista film and a Holga 135 camera.

 I am plan doing a lot more of these and perhaps getting some friends on board... by volunteering their pee.. I will have them soak it themselves of course ;)