Biocup || OKYO Art Series Cup

As my time with the Biocup || OKYO art series cups comes to an end, I wanted to take the time to do another blog post about it.

I really can't express my appreciation enough for what the boss-woman behind OKYO has done for me and what she continually does for other artists like myself. Kate you are amazing and you are the reason I found the courage to follow this roller coaster of a ride that is my creative pursuit.  

I hope all my fellow creatives out there find their 'Kate', someone to encourage you, someone to support you and someone to believe in you. That being said, never doubt the belief you have in yourself.

Big thanks to BioPak for the opportunity, it has been quite a feeling to see my Swimming in the Sky image all over Sydney and beyond (via instagram of course)! You have certainly helped to fuel my creative fire.

Now on to the next project.. :)

photo by @featherhorse_studio

photo by @green_dani

photo by @doubledouble_smallbar