Wes Anderson

Last night I was included in Au Creative Networks's pop-up exhibition at the Robin Hood Hotel in Waverley. The whole night was 'a celebration of all things Wes Anderson', which included artworks and cocktails inspired by the big man himself! Needless to say everything was awesome, how could it not be when you are getting inspiration from films like Moonrise Kingdom and the Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Wes Anderson
Jessica Bee _ What Kind of Bird Are You

Grubby Money

The brilliant minds behind the website that is Grubby Money so very kindly asked to have a chat with me and talk all things creative.. so naturally I said yes. Have a look at what we talked about here. Don't forget to check out the rest of their site while you're there!


And just for kicks, here's one of my new photos.. Smile x

Jessica Bee _ Smile

Hanker Magazine

I am very excited to be featured in issue 7 of Hanker Magazine, The 'Vintage' Issue! You can take a peek at the mag, my interview and purchase a copy from their website, www.hankermagazine.com.

"Hanker Magazine is an independent, bi-monthly publication, based in Australia, showcasing creative individuals, groups and organisations within the fields of art, design, illustration, photography, music, fashion and everything in-between.

Every issue features an array of creatives brought together under a particular theme, resulting in a consistent eyeful of inspiration. We put the focus on the works and leave the clutter to those awful mainstream magazines."

Feeling very lucky to be featured alongside seven other wildly talented artists!

Cake Wines Archi-Bottle Top 30 Finalist

Oh yea, you read that right... I made it into the top 30 for Cake Wines Archi-Bottle prize this year! I am absolutely over the moon - couldn't be more excited! A huge thank you going out to Cake Wines right now. What a fantastic opportunity you give artists and I am so happy to be a part of it. Check out the other 29 artists that made it in to the top 30 here. I feeling really special to be in the company of these other finalists, whose work is just amazing. The Top 30 Exhibition is being held tonight at District 01 in Surry Hills from 6:30pm. The winner will be announced plus they are launching some new vintage wines.. free wine & free entry.. you know you want to come :) See you there!  

Utopian Storytime

I was recently asked to take part in another OKYO project called Utopian Storytime, which was included as part of Beam Festival this past weekend. I was one of 11 artists asked to re-imagine a piece of classic uptopian literature, by in which I would create a new book cover for that work. I chose 'Woman on the Edge of Time' by Marge Piercy. Below is my interpretation of her utopian, science fiction, feminist classic.

*unfortunately for me, there is no spell check when you hand-write something.. so now I just feel like an idiot for rushing to get this done and having to show it with a spelling error.. lesson learned!*  


I am very excited to have a solo exhibition happening this Thursday night at Muse, a new gallery opening on Little Oxford Street. A very beautiful friend of mine, Hayley of Lady Lyon, will be playing her acoustic goodness throughout the night as well! I hope to see you there :)

RSVPs are essential so please don't forget to do so here: http://eepurl.com/1WTi1

The Bondafide Bedfellows

Blogging about a blog who recently blogged about me.


The Bonafide Bedfellows.. like they say on their website.. have the "express goal of searching out, meeting and introducing the vanguards of the creative industry: those who persistently inspire the fashion, music, art, design and photography fields." That they do... and I am incredibly flattered and obviously super stoked to have been selected for an Edition on this beautiful blog.

Check them out.. http://www.thebonafidebedfellows.com/

I am Edition 76, but be sure to read the others too. There are some seriously cool creatives out there. Thank you Ali, Suzanne and Vassi for introducing me as one of them. Big love ladies.

Here are some photos from my shoot with them.

Photo by @vassi_lena

Photo by @vassi_lena

Photo by @vassi_lena

Photo by @vassi_lena

Biocup || OKYO Art Series Cup

As my time with the Biocup || OKYO art series cups comes to an end, I wanted to take the time to do another blog post about it.

I really can't express my appreciation enough for what the boss-woman behind OKYO has done for me and what she continually does for other artists like myself. Kate you are amazing and you are the reason I found the courage to follow this roller coaster of a ride that is my creative pursuit.  

I hope all my fellow creatives out there find their 'Kate', someone to encourage you, someone to support you and someone to believe in you. That being said, never doubt the belief you have in yourself.

Big thanks to BioPak for the opportunity, it has been quite a feeling to see my Swimming in the Sky image all over Sydney and beyond (via instagram of course)! You have certainly helped to fuel my creative fire.

Now on to the next project.. :)

photo by @featherhorse_studio

photo by @green_dani

photo by @doubledouble_smallbar

Urine, yes urine

One of my current favourite photographers is Brigette Bloom, she hails from my homeland of America, and I just love love love what she does with film. So much in fact that I decided to test out one of her film soup recipes that she shared on Facebook; even though I must admit I was a first a bit like.. sayyyyy whhhaaaaat.

Brigette soaks her film in pee, that's right her own pee. Not only does effect on the film look amazing, but it can change based on diet, drinking, etc. Once I got over the fact that I would have to have a cup of my own urine sitting in my room for several hours (only now am I realising I probably could have left it outside) I decided to give it a try. Below are some of the pictures I took with that roll.. 200 Agfa Vista film and a Holga 135 camera.

 I am plan doing a lot more of these and perhaps getting some friends on board... by volunteering their pee.. I will have them soak it themselves of course ;)


Stoked to have had my image below selected to be published in issue 5 of The HAND. The HAND is a publication coming out of the USA that is doing great things for both emerging and more established photography and print-making artists, especially those who use more experimental methods. Helping these artists get their work out there, as well as offering limited editions and special offer original artworks, the two men behind the magazine get a virtual high-five from me.



The ever-so-talented Luke Adams, the man behind the lens of Luke Adams Photography, invited me to exhibit with him...

Exhibit along side an amazing landscape photographer as part of Bondi Feast 2014 at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery...

Obviously I said yes! 

So, LandEscapes was born and now we are inviting you to come and check it out! It starts tomorrow, Tuesday, the 15th of July at 10am and opens 10am - 5pm daily until Saturday, July 19th. The opening is this Wednesday night, July 16th, from 6pm - 8pm and we would love to see everyone and anyone there! Some free drinks and pretty pictures, is there really any better way to spend a Wednesday night? I don't think so.

If you need any more info, more can be found here: http://www.waverley.nsw.gov.au/recreation/arts_and_culture/bondi_pavilion_gallery   

Lady grey

This post has nothing to do with ladies actually, unless you count this lady pressing the buttons. Lady grey was actually the last roll of film I used, it is a Lomography 35mm film and I am a huge fan. I used it with my L-CA+ and man oh man, the more I use that camera, the more I love it.

Picnicking in the Sky

This photo is actually quite old, but something about it wasn't sitting right with me. So, I re-scanned it and played around with the colour restorations and the backlight and now I LOVE it. This is, Picnicking in the Sky.

Work-Shop Makery

So for those of you who haven't heard already, I am selling some prints and postcards at Work-Shop Makery on 106 Oxford Street until the 10th of June! I have been in there for about 2 and a half weeks now and have about a week and a half to go, so make sure you get in there while you still can. I have free stickers available for anyone who makes it!

Also, the lovely folks of Work-Shop Makery gave me their Makers Dozen Questions to answer.. Click here for my Q&A with them!

A huge thank you to Work-Shop Makery for selecting my work to be displayed and sold in their space. They really are doing great things for local artists, designers and makers!

Le gong

On recent trip to Wollongong to take some commissioned photos, I also took these.

Pentax Spotmatic SLR || Kodak 400 destroyed with coffee